EZ Great Tasting Health Smoothies!


Haha I know you see the McDonalds cup because my addiction is their iced Sugar Free French vanilla coffee, but I reused the cup for a smoothie.

In a recent article I talked about changing back to herbs after getting Heart Palpitations permanently from prescribed medicines, but I’ve also made other changes as well.

I noticed that my heart palpitations were increasing when I drink the Atkins shakes which has less than 1 gram of sucralose (Splenda), so I began doing research at my favorite place The Vitamin Shoppe.

My research has come up empty so far with the products found making me feel less than confident based on their type of sugar content and ingredients. You see even certain vegetables and fruits can raise your blood sugar which would give me heart palpitations!

I started by making smoothies with frozen fruit combinations like antioxidant,  immune system blends and craving crusher blends. I did not use fruits or juices that they are advertised for smoothies they are filled with unnecessary things and sugars! I just used frozen fruit blends that had fruits that I know to be good for immune, craving crushing, and antioxidants. Never use canned or packaged stored on a shelf as they contain fillers and preservatives that steal nutrients and are toxic!

I found some recipes online for natural Atkins type smoothies made in the blender, but due to feeling ill after being trapped outside w/ my elderly dog for over an hour in that ice storm the other night I haven’t had a chance to get to the store for the ingredients! So… I designed my own which needs lower glycemic index as my sugar level raised too high!

I call it The California Happy Blend and I added lower glycemic natural sugars only two try to prevent the bitter taste of some of the herbs, but it made my blood sugar too high, so I will work on it and post it when it’s ready.

The one in the picture above is just frozen tropical fruit almost completely thawed with pineapples removed (see why below) blended with an Atkins shake. It was good, filling and I got an energy boost without a sugar high. I still had heart palpitations because Atkins has <1 sucralose (splenda) in it hence why I stopped using premade shakes! 

Warning: Oranges and pineapples are known to dangerously raise blood sugar to high levels. I remove those before making smoothies!

I'll post recipes when they work 🙂

Post yours too please. I'm a chocolate addict considered Diabetic, but have the other type hypoglycemia where my sugar can rise but always immediately spirals to dangerous low levels. A life long illness just diagnosed about 4 yrs ago!

Thank you,


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