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Baby Daddy is a series about a young man, his old school friends and their lives. It centers around the story line of a baby that shows up at his doorstep with a note claiming the child is his.

The show is both hilarious and moving. At one point both Ben and his brother are in love with a long time friend who they both have history with.

Melissa Peterman (Bonnie from Reba) plays Ben’s quirky, overly protective and nosey mother.

I’m only giving this a 4 star rating, because the show seems almost annoying at first, but then the network canceled it just when I fell in love and wanted more. The last episode ends in an awkward unfulfilling place like a good book with the last chapter ripped out!

I still recommend watching this series if you can use your imagination and create a proper ending.

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Orange Is The New Black Review – SoundCloud

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Orange Is The New Black is based on a true story about a young rich girl who is impulsive, makes the wrong choices and finds herself committing a crime. Years later she is about to get married when the law finds her and she goes to jail for it. What happens behind bars will make your toes curl, so do not watch if you have a heart condition or weak stomach!

I give this show a 4.5 of 5 stars , because I found following the backstories in the first episodes to be a little challenging, due to all the charactors stories crammed together like a crash course. You literally can not skim through or miss an episode or you will be lost!

At season 1 episode 10 I found that the story (although still cluttered) became easier to follow and the charactors become like family members.

I love this show! I became a back to back season and episode addict and now have withdrawals while waiting for the next season to start!

This story is an adults only story as it has plenty of sex, open drug use, and violence in it. AnnaArtiga.Com does not condone illegal or violent activities! This show however will keep you on the edge of your seat!

I’d tell you more, but I don’t want to spoil it for the newbies!

Go watch it today! And tell me if I’m right!

Next we will be reviewing Baby Daddy.

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Anna is a freelance writer of reviews and support looking to break into the paid world of entertainment journalism.


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I’ve recently been turned back on to Netflix and I must say it’s much better then it used to be. In the past I watched everything on Netflix within a couple months, but now they have so much more to offer. I’m a daily watcher on my third month of membership and haven’t even scratched the surface of viewing choices!

They have a lot of tv series for both adults and kids, as well as movies and Netflix originals like “Orange Is The New Black!”

Netflix itself has moved from a 2 star, boring and incomplete place to rent movies and tv shows to a 4.5 stars creative, original and top notch place to stream or get DVD’s sent to you.

Why only 4.5 stars?

They have profiles you can set up with pin numbers and maturity level controls, but we are finding kids can penetrate those controls and shows you may not agree with might get into their genre, thus it is still up to you to watch with your kids even after setting controls! FYI: There is a show with teens discussing how they tried to commit suicide that was supposed to help kids understand and cope with life, but became a how to for some teens that’s on Netflix!

They still do not stream a lot of the most popular tv series like Roseanne. It seems if it is highly popular, older and still airing on television some where then you may have difficulty finding it.

They also have Disney Series like “Liv and Maddie”, but I noticed when they said the latest season would be on Netflix August 25th it has not. I have an email to Netflix to find out more details, so be on the look out for an update.

The app needs to be lightened memory usage wise and the browser play is finicky working only some of the time for certain OS and browsers.

I do love the inexpensive options. I chose 11.99 per month for 4 devices to stream, so that I can watch while my kids watch their own shows. There is also an add on option for getting DVDs? Does anyone do that anymore?

As I watch the shows I will also be reviewing them.

Next Review, “Orange Is the New Black”

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Anna is a freelance writer of reviews and support looking to break into the paid world of entertainment journalism.

Beware Of Inner Hellth! 

Whether you have judged or not it’s a very powerful read. 

In the pic above not everyone will see the child reaching for the balloon, but she is there.. 

That’s how inner hellth (yes I spelled it with hell on purpose) issues work.  They’re silent killers.  We don’t scream or moan about them. We suffer silently.  

You see the handicap plaque and you scold him, because he walks not giving thought that his body is being eaten by his own immune system. He is being brave to walk 25 ft in agony, because he feels someone else who is worse needs the wheelchair..  

You tell the large man on the scooter he wouldn’t need it if he’d just get some exercise to learn later his weight is toxic fluid from Lupus and if he misses 3 dialsys treatments he dies! You don’t hear him say he wishes one day his pain could be less or less anxiety. You don’t see him go from being the successful provider to unable to support himself.  You don’t see him being told no for coverage, because he’s gonna die.   

Lupus starts at different levels for different people, but even with treatment still takes your life! 

 Didn’t  your mama ever tell you don’t judge a book by its cover? Or.. If ya can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all!

So I’m going to be giving you a little bit of education right here and now and I asked each of you pass this on to your blogs to educate other people. Please leave my website as credit,  because it’s all part of my awareness campaign. I’ve also seen my work stolen and gotten on yahoo news! 

Did You Know? P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) can happen to anyone experiencing prolonged or sudden intense stress.  P.T.S.D sufferers have shared they feel bad news is like a grenade being going off. Doctors say this is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain,  NOT something we can control at will.

More about it and other inner hellth issues in the weeks to come. 



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Family And Friends With The Illnesses Discussed.

Mittens Gets Shots 

You know Mittens has been an emotional kitten. I thought for sure his first trip to the vet, being with strange animals and getting his shots would affect him, but he was a good boy. He squirmed a little bit when she gave him the shots. He didn’t seem to really care about the other pets. He came home, went to sleep for an hour and now he’s chasing bugs. LOL It has me wondering if this emotional thing of his is just a scam to get my attention, lmao? Hmmm..