She’s 18 Now And Still Loves Chicken!

This is Cassie Sue I’ve had her for 16 and a half years of her 18-year life. Her birthday is April 15th (yes tax day). Even my veterinarian keeps asking me what I’m doing that most of my pets live longer then their normal life span.

I think and then say:

  1. Good Pet Food (Has real meat as first ingredient, no fake or added ingredients and no plant food as main proteins)

I’ve read the ingredients and I’ve experienced the issues with the bags of dog food under $30 that have fake ingredients. Some are dangerous! I’m sorry but dogs and cats are not vegetarians they are meat eaters and their bodies are not designed to absorb plant proteins!

2. They are treated with love, talked to and live inside like family! I spend quite a bit of time with my pet babies!

3.  I don’t switch their food back and forth. Even same brands different flavors can upset their tummies and create life long issues. Sometimes issue which wear down their tolerance wont be noticed until later in life.

AFFCO is just a government minimum standard and lacks what pets need badly! Including my own pets I have read thousands of personal stories of people who bought pet foods just with AFFCO standards that got violently sick or died!!

My TIP:  In today’s world with the bad environment and food pets need yearly vet check ups to catch things before they begin as there are a lot of silent killers out there. Make an appointment with your veterinarian, then discuss the desire to change your pets food. Your veterinarian can then assess your pets health inside and out to determine which OTC food to buy. And it’s a myth they try to sell you. Yes they recommend the prescription brands sometimes, but that truly is because they are made with safe ingredients. All you have to do is ask for the recommendation on over the counter brands and they will give you them or a safe ingredient list.

Dogs Food: I buy $30.00 per 15lb bag of dog food Nutro (has real meat)

Cat Food: I buy Purina One 7.50 per 7lb bag (has real chicken)

ALERT: Just as in people omega and fish oils are hard on the tummy, so stay away from foods that have fish oils in them.

Domesticated cats do not seek out water as they should, because they would normally get it from the rodents they eat, so male cats are more prone to UTI  and you may not see the signs until it’s too late! Lack of water can cause dangerous stones to form. My Mac almost died because of one. He however is a cat who does not like any moist food, but loves water added to his Urinary care dry food, drinking out of the sink and kitty water fountain, so we do it his way. I add Apple Cider Vinegar to the pets water bowl as well. My veterinarian said male cats should not have fish either.

I know this article went long, but it is so important that you know that

  1.  Adopt that pet 6 yrs and older, because they can live a long life still.
  2. Pet Care: What you put into your pet can mean life or death!

So Glad To Be Back 🙂

Love You All,



A Kitten Funny

I borrowed my dad’s turkey cooker and luckily it was clean and not plugged in when I found the kitten in it. This may have been a funny picture, but please make sure that you monitor cooking things closely,  double check things are unplugged and not hot because this kitten is almost turning things on.

Dating Site Crossposting Profiles!

Some Dating sites are crossposting and even linking chats and inboxes without your knowledge!
1. I’m testing these dating sites out and as a part of the get to know you naturally ask how long have you been here and what’s your experience right?

To my surprise many of the men were telling me that all they’re getting are sex requests. I talked to one gentleman who discovered that his profile was not only on the regular dating site but was posted to as well. I let every gentleman know what I learned.
2. I was on talking to someone on the private chat and I switched over to the inbox where I got a message that said, “I don’t know who your talking to but it’s not me someone has hacked into my account apparently.” I switched back and I busted the scammer.

My knight in shining armor and I were talking and I discovered that he was on talking to me on uniformdating completely unaware.

It suddenly made sense to me why I was getting contacted saying people met me on love and other sites rather than the one I was on.

It is unconfirmed whether these sites are script errors or purposely done so just be careful. Make sure you read the entire long terms of service before clicking agree/sign up,  because somewhere deep down in there you could be agreeing to be cross-posted including to x-rated sites!

A few names where users experienced these issues are,, loveagain and

Other things to be aware of are Plenty of Fish is rumored to now be owned by

These web sites you not only have to call to stop your subscription even when it says you can click cancel you can’t it doesn’t stop. You also have to remove your account via a regular web browser and then do not sign back in because it will reactivate your account. Then one out of every two times you look in your inbox and you’ll still be getting emails from them. You can unsubscribe from the emails but if it asks you to sign in it’s going to reactivate your account. You can simply ignore it. Just remember to tell the person you’re dating that some of the accounts did not delete.

OkCupid is one of the ones that you have to delete several times for some reason before they go away.

Thank You, 


I’m Back!

Hello after our neighbors grease fire that took our home and two of our beloved pets I just took some time off to try and heal. I want to thank you for all your encouragement and support during that time as well as the donations. The insurance agent told me that per office they write 6 checks a year for unnecessary fires. The fireman told me that people still don’t know fire prevention and won’t go to the 1 hour free class at the fire hall and community centers. I’m going to start a YouTube, TV and radio campaign to get this information in their faces. You might ask why if they don’t care should I? Because I knew and I had all the right stuff in my house but my neighbor did not and because of him two of my pets are dead. I lost everything and the next duplex over families became homeless. This particular fire a $1 box of baking soda and the lid could have put it out. 

There’s a lot of new information and there’s a lot of free as well as $12 and under products now that take care of fire prevention and putting out fires. I’m going to tell you about them all. 

My Hope Is that you will watch then forward my YouTube posts on to your readers and your friends and encourage them to do the same.



Update On Our fire

As many of you remember 13th of December our neighbors grease fire burned down our house and 2 of my cats died in the fire.  We found a place and are in need of funds for household items and supplies to move in. We are trying to raise just 900.00 more to get a stove,  fridge,  washer and dryer, household items,  food,  supplies and etc. 

On a sad note one of the firefighters there that night recently died of a brain tumor.  RIP Rob.  Please pray for his family. 

I’m doing ok.  Just grief over loss of  my 2 best friends Jack and Sammie cat. 

Please help us  move in,  so we can start to heal and move on.

I am a pastoral counselor willing to exchange donations for phone and IM counseling for emotional issues.  20.00 equals 1 hr counseling.  Suicidal should call your local emergency number and Addiction I can refer you to someone as I am not qualified to handle those issues.

Urgent Update

Its really hard to tell this time of year if people are scamming, so I’m writing you again.  The other day I posted about my neighbors grease fire burning down our home and killing 2 of our beloved cats.  That really was me,  your blog writer Anna. I never ask for help,  but our redcross funds have run out and we are about to be homeless! We hope you can find it in your heart to forward my link and story to as many you can as we need to raise money to restart our loves quickly. We did have smoke detectors that sounded.  The cause was the neighbor and deemed accidental. Please help us start over. There are 2 videos.  I warn you I am in shock in the first one.

Today someone said Christmas is in two weeks.  To which I replied.  Yeah this year will be bitter sweet one. Jesus was born, my two best kitty friends died. I’m alive,  but homeless.

Having funds to move to my own home is the best gift I can get. Giving my 17 yr old Aussie service dog who tried to go back and save her kitties lives a place to call home would be amazing. She deserves it dont ya think?