Urgent Update

Its really hard to tell this time of year if people are scamming, so I’m writing you again.  The other day I posted about my neighbors grease fire burning down our home and killing 2 of our beloved cats.  That really was me,  your blog writer Anna. I never ask for help,  but our redcross funds have run out and we are about to be homeless! We hope you can find it in your heart to forward my link and story to as many you can as we need to raise money to restart our loves quickly. We did have smoke detectors that sounded.  The cause was the neighbor and deemed accidental. Please help us start over. There are 2 videos.  I warn you I am in shock in the first one.

Today someone said Christmas is in two weeks.  To which I replied.  Yeah this year will be bitter sweet one. Jesus was born, my two best kitty friends died. I’m alive,  but homeless.

Having funds to move to my own home is the best gift I can get. Giving my 17 yr old Aussie service dog who tried to go back and save her kitties lives a place to call home would be amazing. She deserves it dont ya think?



You’re Help Needed-Time Sensitive

Hope your holiday season is going great. Mine is blessed with great family and friends.

Remember I told you I met the man of my dreams Rick? I think I also told you about my first ever drive to New Hampshire to get his brother Ken.

Ken has been here a whole month now and you can tell how happy those brothers are to be back together.  They joke and have the best childhood stories. What a pair! 🙂

Ken has Lupus to the stage he has trouble walking and climbing stairs. He walks using a walker and struggles with getting around. He has to have dialysis 3xs a week or the Lupus will kill him. It’s day to day with how he feels. There is no cure. This week he struggles to walk and he had 4 days of no sleep. He is always in pain. To make things worse he has what he calls a cold that we think is something worse.

All this and Ken is so brave and nice to people. He tells me stories of how mean some are to the nurses.  He tells me he has Lupus and makes the best of it treating those nurses and people friendly.  He said the dialysis nurses go through so much and they should be treated good. He also talks about how devastating it is losing friends he makes who have Lupus. “One day they are there,  then next their chair is empty.” I cried..

We finally got him to agree to a scooter or hoverround.  We began looking and found one a guy is willing to sell us for 225.00, but on limited income coming up with the cash has been an issue.  As you know that’s an excellent deal. It was the guys uncle’s and he knows how important it is for Ken, but he can only hold it limited time. We would like to get it Wednesday. Please help.

I’m asking you out of the goodness of your heart if possible can you give a donation to help out?

If not pass this on to someone who you think might.

You will really be helping Ken gain some Independence.

Give to kensfund@yahoo.com via PayPal by replying what you want to donate or clicking the link below.

It will appear as buzzbeesales or Annas Boutique on your financial statement.

Thank you,


Pledge With Me


Step 1. A Small Step
Ask yourself do my choices,  friends and situation lead to peace?

If you’re anything like me the last year has been a year from hell.  From my dog dying of cancer to severely shattering my foot and then my breakup of my marriage,  but I realized one big thing.

I COULD TURN IT AROUND WITH THE RIGHT CHOICES.  And I did with the help of a great selfless person! I stopped feeling trapped as to what would happen and stopped feeling shamed I’d need to ask for help!

At first I didn’t understand how or if it would work,  but then fully determined took small steps at a time.

My whole life has changed and yours can too!

I’m not gonna say it was easy or that I’m finished transforming,  but I do feel much freer.

I’m going to tell you how and personally mentor you,  but as this is my only income being disabled I am asking for a 5.00 donation to keep this site up and running.

If interested comment on this post. If not please pass this on to someone who can use it.

Thank you,