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(Image Courtesy Of Disney)

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Hi, I’m Anna! Welcome back to, “What’s On Netflix Reviews”!

Liv and Maddie is a show about the life of twin girls and their family as they journey their way from awkward kids into adulthood.

The challenges and hijinx these twins face along with their two brothers will have you both rolling on the floor laughing and crying.

I fell in love with and give this show 5 stars, because Dove Cameron (teen actress) shows off her diverse talents playing the roles of both twins with very different life styles. The entire family and their back stories keep both adults and children ages 12 plus entertained.

Disney does it once again folks. Wholesome, while entertaining, while still delving into real life issues teens face.

There are some scenes you will have to explain to your preteen though, so watch it together! An example is why we can not dig a whole under the house and make tunnels! There are teen relationship and life situations in this show too!

Always preview shows before your children watch them, because a lot of shows are not rated at all and quite a few are not rated properly in my opinion. Your family is different with different maturity levels then mine, so please make your own decisions if your child can watch this and other shows I review or not!

Thank you for watching/Listening.

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Happy Watching!


Anna is a freelance writer of reviews and support looking to break into the paid world of entertainment journalism.


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