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Image Courtesy Of Free Form Productions

Listen/Read Cheer Squad Review-Intense (Image Courtesy Of FreeForm) by Anna Artiga #np on #SoundCloud

Hi, I’m Anna. Welcome back to another episode of What’s On Netflix!

I am not a Reality Show lover, but one day while I was searching for something cool to watch the show popped up. I took it as a “Bring It On” type movie and before I realized what I was watching I was totally hooked!

Everyone thinks Cheer is just perky people chanting and dancing, but turns out it’s a lot more then that! There are intense competitions in which you have to bring gymnist skills and be willing to try newly invented and very dangerous moves. These teams practice hours a day and literally have to live a completely clean life to keep up. All so they can have a chance to win at nationals each year.

This AINT your highschool cheer team those girls and guys risk lives and limbs to make it!

The backstories, girl fights and trying to still work as a team make this series an incredible show!

I give Cheer Squad 4.5 stars only because free form has kept me waiting while deciding if they will produce a second season!

Give it a watch!

Next Review: Young And Hungry

Happy Watching



Anna is a freelance writer of reviews and support looking to break into the paid world of entertainment journalism.


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