She’s 18 Now And Still Loves Chicken!

This is Cassie Sue I’ve had her for 16 and a half years of her 18-year life. Her birthday is April 15th (yes tax day). Even my veterinarian keeps asking me what I’m doing that most of my pets live longer then their normal life span.

I think and then say:

  1. Good Pet Food (Has real meat as first ingredient, no fake or added ingredients and no plant food as main proteins)

I’ve read the ingredients and I’ve experienced the issues with the bags of dog food under $30 that have fake ingredients. Some are dangerous! I’m sorry but dogs and cats are not vegetarians they are meat eaters and their bodies are not designed to absorb plant proteins!

2. They are treated with love, talked to and live inside like family! I spend quite a bit of time with my pet babies!

3.  I don’t switch their food back and forth. Even same brands different flavors can upset their tummies and create life long issues. Sometimes issue which wear down their tolerance wont be noticed until later in life.

AFFCO is just a government minimum standard and lacks what pets need badly! Including my own pets I have read thousands of personal stories of people who bought pet foods just with AFFCO standards that got violently sick or died!!

My TIP:  In today’s world with the bad environment and food pets need yearly vet check ups to catch things before they begin as there are a lot of silent killers out there. Make an appointment with your veterinarian, then discuss the desire to change your pets food. Your veterinarian can then assess your pets health inside and out to determine which OTC food to buy. And it’s a myth they try to sell you. Yes they recommend the prescription brands sometimes, but that truly is because they are made with safe ingredients. All you have to do is ask for the recommendation on over the counter brands and they will give you them or a safe ingredient list.

Dogs Food: I buy $30.00 per 15lb bag of dog food Nutro (has real meat)

Cat Food: I buy Purina One 7.50 per 7lb bag (has real chicken)

ALERT: Just as in people omega and fish oils are hard on the tummy, so stay away from foods that have fish oils in them.

Domesticated cats do not seek out water as they should, because they would normally get it from the rodents they eat, so male cats are more prone to UTI  and you may not see the signs until it’s too late! Lack of water can cause dangerous stones to form. My Mac almost died because of one. He however is a cat who does not like any moist food, but loves water added to his Urinary care dry food, drinking out of the sink and kitty water fountain, so we do it his way. I add Apple Cider Vinegar to the pets water bowl as well. My veterinarian said male cats should not have fish either.

I know this article went long, but it is so important that you know that

  1.  Adopt that pet 6 yrs and older, because they can live a long life still.
  2. Pet Care: What you put into your pet can mean life or death!

So Glad To Be Back 🙂

Love You All,




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