I’m Back!

Hello after our neighbors grease fire that took our home and two of our beloved pets I just took some time off to try and heal. I want to thank you for all your encouragement and support during that time as well as the donations. The insurance agent told me that per office they write 6 checks a year for unnecessary fires. The fireman told me that people still don’t know fire prevention and won’t go to the 1 hour free class at the fire hall and community centers. I’m going to start a YouTube, TV and radio campaign to get this information in their faces. You might ask why if they don’t care should I? Because I knew and I had all the right stuff in my house but my neighbor did not and because of him two of my pets are dead. I lost everything and the next duplex over families became homeless. This particular fire a $1 box of baking soda and the lid could have put it out. 

There’s a lot of new information and there’s a lot of free as well as $12 and under products now that take care of fire prevention and putting out fires. I’m going to tell you about them all. 

My Hope Is that you will watch then forward my YouTube posts on to your readers and your friends and encourage them to do the same.




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