Dating Site Crossposting Profiles!

Some Dating sites are crossposting and even linking chats and inboxes without your knowledge!
1. I’m testing these dating sites out and as a part of the get to know you naturally ask how long have you been here and what’s your experience right?

To my surprise many of the men were telling me that all they’re getting are sex requests. I talked to one gentleman who discovered that his profile was not only on the regular dating site but was posted to as well. I let every gentleman know what I learned.
2. I was on talking to someone on the private chat and I switched over to the inbox where I got a message that said, “I don’t know who your talking to but it’s not me someone has hacked into my account apparently.” I switched back and I busted the scammer.

My knight in shining armor and I were talking and I discovered that he was on talking to me on uniformdating completely unaware.

It suddenly made sense to me why I was getting contacted saying people met me on love and other sites rather than the one I was on.

It is unconfirmed whether these sites are script errors or purposely done so just be careful. Make sure you read the entire long terms of service before clicking agree/sign up,  because somewhere deep down in there you could be agreeing to be cross-posted including to x-rated sites!

A few names where users experienced these issues are,, loveagain and

Other things to be aware of are Plenty of Fish is rumored to now be owned by

These web sites you not only have to call to stop your subscription even when it says you can click cancel you can’t it doesn’t stop. You also have to remove your account via a regular web browser and then do not sign back in because it will reactivate your account. Then one out of every two times you look in your inbox and you’ll still be getting emails from them. You can unsubscribe from the emails but if it asks you to sign in it’s going to reactivate your account. You can simply ignore it. Just remember to tell the person you’re dating that some of the accounts did not delete.

OkCupid is one of the ones that you have to delete several times for some reason before they go away.

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