Urgent Update

Its really hard to tell this time of year if people are scamming, so I’m writing you again.  The other day I posted about my neighbors grease fire burning down our home and killing 2 of our beloved cats.  That really was me,  your blog writer Anna. I never ask for help,  but our redcross funds have run out and we are about to be homeless! We hope you can find it in your heart to forward my link and story to as many you can as we need to raise money to restart our loves quickly. We did have smoke detectors that sounded.  The cause was the neighbor and deemed accidental. Please help us start over. There are 2 videos.  I warn you I am in shock in the first one.

Today someone said Christmas is in two weeks.  To which I replied.  Yeah this year will be bitter sweet one. Jesus was born, my two best kitty friends died. I’m alive,  but homeless.

Having funds to move to my own home is the best gift I can get. Giving my 17 yr old Aussie service dog who tried to go back and save her kitties lives a place to call home would be amazing. She deserves it dont ya think?




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