Pledge With Me


Step 1. A Small Step
Ask yourself do my choices,  friends and situation lead to peace?

If you’re anything like me the last year has been a year from hell.  From my dog dying of cancer to severely shattering my foot and then my breakup of my marriage,  but I realized one big thing.

I COULD TURN IT AROUND WITH THE RIGHT CHOICES.  And I did with the help of a great selfless person! I stopped feeling trapped as to what would happen and stopped feeling shamed I’d need to ask for help!

At first I didn’t understand how or if it would work,  but then fully determined took small steps at a time.

My whole life has changed and yours can too!

I’m not gonna say it was easy or that I’m finished transforming,  but I do feel much freer.

I’m going to tell you how and personally mentor you,  but as this is my only income being disabled I am asking for a 5.00 donation to keep this site up and running.

If interested comment on this post. If not please pass this on to someone who can use it.

Thank you,



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