Read Why This Product Was A Headache!


My charger port and cord go bad fast, because of the way that I use it , so I did some research on wireless charging for my samsung galaxy note five.

My research revealed users disliked universal wireless chargers, because they were slow charging and often didn’t make a connection with the phone battery, however the genuine Samsung Wireless Charger was getting great user ratings.

But keep reading I discovered serious stuff!!!

At the store I ask all the right questions like, “Is this a fast charging one and how will it being in a case affect charging?” I was told that the genuine samsung wireless fast charger would work with my regular wallet case, but that it didn’t like anything thicker than that.

I purchased the samsung genuine wireless fast charger, got it home and hooked it up . The first thing I noticed was because of the new dynamic lean design you have to put the phone on exactly right or it will fall off or not charge. The second thing I noticed was that one out of four times it did not recognize my phone inside the case so I had to reseat it.  The third thing is that it would slip off the charger during the night easy. Then about 4 days into it the charger would not recognize the phone at all even when I removed the case. I tried plugging and unplugging it. I tried all the things that I was told to reset, but nothing worked. It was about an hour later when I finally got it to work one time. I ended up just plugging it into the regular charger again so I could go to sleep!

I went back online and upon more research I found  buried deep were users complaining of my issues!

My opinion is that the design is flawed and the software is buggy. It is not worth the $50-$60!

The company’s desire to make the phone more accessible while on the Charger failed. The first ones were actually designed better because they laid flatter and let gravity do it’s work.

I also believe that the pad around the edge causes a connection issue to the battery as it holds the phone out too far.

A tech also mentioned he believes the charger software and/or phone software may have issues where it errors quick with regular use!

Mine is going back!

Save your money!


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