WARNING! I’ve taken the name of the actual company that it’s going to out because it’s only my suspicions as that’s where the link goes to. I don’t want them getting sales off of me posting their name! The group called the Dogs Lovers Club has postings of animal cruelty with a link to sell dog lovers t-shirts! It’s a video of a Jack Russell Terrier and lion cubs being aggressive over a bone with a woman in the background laughing. I don’t know where you’re from but in America this is animal cruelty and neglect and it’s illegal. The video is also posted on other sites as well do not repost this video even in Anger as they’ve already gotten two million views we do not want to give attention and sales to those who encourage animal violence!  Not only is this a technique that dog fighters use to encourage dogs to fight but it’s also based on the dog’s survival Instinct. This dog is going to go on thinking that this is the right way to behave and another Pet is going to kill him or get killed! The best thing to do is Click report on the video, do not visit the website that is linked to. The more reports on it the better I reported it to Facebook by clicking on the top right corner of it, click I don’t like this and then it will give you options you can put graphical violence and I’ve turned it into the ASPCA as well. Thousands of people are commenting but if they all had reported it would have been taken down by now. Screaming on the internet does absolutely nothing! You have to report it. Again this is another form of violence. To stop violence you have to take action, not words, action!  I’m asking you to share this.  Clicking like is not going to save that dog and yes they have figured out in the past who the owner of the video was. So report it, share this so that millions of people can report it and stop it.


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