Watch this and learn from it!

Yes what stops terrorism in its tracks is working together publicly as a team. We may not like each other but we love our countries and we all need to stand up as a team publicly saying no more in a legal non-violent manner.  Stop feeding their hatred by reposting negative videos, comments and threats. Post the positive encouraging uplifting stuff saying we are a nation who will stand together and we will not tolerate violence of any kind. We will not live in fear and hold secrets. We will die before we let anyone hurt any other human being. Countries like Morocco have stood together publicly on camera and said this and their terrorism has been significantly reduced. They share Intel with police rather then just reposting it online! Morocco does not use technology other than to post their people standing up against terrorism in a legal manner. Let’s build people up and not give attention to all the bad stuff happening because those people who do bad stuff whether foreign or domestic they love the attention and it feeds their hatred and increases violence. It’s okay to know that the news told you that it happened we have a right to that but it should end there and should not be reposted. This includes all the political crap we all know that there are scandals and everyone’s closet even our own closets have things that we’re not proud of. We all know that politicians and people lie to get what they want so we do not need to post and repost their crap or be told why we should not vote for them. Commit today to posting only positive things. It’s a journalist’s job to tell you what’s happening and it’s our job to acknowledge it but not live it! Watch these girls, listen to the song and be encouraged to take positive action as its proven effective time and time again!


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