ProSense Pet Suppliments Review


When Cassie (17 yrs, 4 months old) started having issues with her arthritis in her back legs we tried everything natural OTC and a natural prescription treat. We found Vets Best but it wasn’t helping enough. Most products made her stomach stick,  she hated the taste or it didn’t work.

She was in pain and very stiff having trouble walking and getting up. Nervously and desperate we bought Prosense Glucosamine Treats after their hydrocortisone spray worked for our cats difficult skin allergies.

She loved the taste and we noticed more flexibility after a few treats. It’s been a month of 2 treats a day in humid weather,  she’s being fiestier,  wanting to play,  chasing rabbits to the border and engaging us to chase play. She still has some small issues with stiffness in the morning,  but all else is well. I’ll try to remember to turn on the camera when she’s jogging around.

Prosense Multivitamins they love.  It helped with her sudden onset of sensitive skin and has improved her alertness.  Her fur was just cut a few weeks ago,  but is already over grown again.

Prosense Hydrocortisone Spray: I sneakily spray it on my hands and then on to the cat when he scratches. He loves the hydrocortisone,  but hates the spray bottle.

Only 4 out of 5 stars,  because the cost could be better. The amount of treats seem too much for the amount you get. Jack hates the hydrocortisone spray bottle. The vitamins they eat,  but I see they would prefer better tasting.

Did I mention Walmart Carries ProSense Pet Suppliments and Sprays, so their easily accessible?

The other plus is compared to other premium pet products ProSense (at least at Walmart) is less expensive.



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