2016 Amish/Mennonite



In 2016 a lot of the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish around here are seen driving vehicles,  chatting on cell phones as well as having electricity.

It’s my understanding that they still hold their basic traditions and Christianity, but have the choice to become more modernized.

It’s also widely publicized that the teenagers have Rumspringa where they decide if they want to be traditional or live in the modern world.

I think that it’s a good idea that they get a choice and can mix a little modern with a little tradition,  because sometimes things are dangerous the old ways like their old oil heaters which caused many of Fire and burned many of their people severely,  but we all know that in the end staying as close to the basics is a better,  less complicated,  less stressful way of life.

Most of the financial analysts now tell you to grow your own garden even do the topsy-turvy if you have an apartment, because with the way the commercial world keeps falling apart if you don’t know how to hunt or at least grow your own vegetables you could starve to death.

Think about it where does the grocery store get their meat and vegetables?? From farms which in the past 20 years in my childhood neighborhood have turned into strip malls!

And people keep getting rid of the trees too!! Well people one huge tree in the least polluted area filters and gives oxygen to sustain a family of 4. This used to be more, but times, population and pollution levels no longer match the trees abilities, so I had to update findings!

When you drive around notice how many places have no trees or the trees are pale or dry looking. The pale looking leaves on trees mean that the tree cannot take in the pollution that the overpopulation is causing. And if you noticed places where there’s no trees at all it’s very hard to breathe.

So Shame On You PHD Farmers kids who went into something else and sold your parents Farms to Developers!!! You should have at least made sure someone else who wanted to farm it bought it!

Hugs To Ya’ll Still Working The Land!

Let’s all go forth and think about ways we can at least grow gardens of vegetables for ourselves.



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