One teacher hates snow days because it means children will starve

1 Out Of 5 Children In USA Starve!

Growing up as a child under the poverty level my parents did a really good job of filling our tummies and creating a warm happy snow day. It’s a reality, but it’s hard for me to Fathom that the snow days where we tunneled through the snow, went sled riding and had hot chocolate are days where children in our own neighborhood are starving. It’s worse this year, because it’s been extremely hot around here so a lot of the funds and Food Supplies marked for winter are used up.

I’d like to make a call to everyone of you out there poor, rich, middle class to go to your community food bank,  CASS,  Shelter or Social Services and donate. Remember they have utilities,  sewer and  water that they need to pay so cash donations help too! Nashville couple gets $10K from comedian Steve Harvey



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