Missing Greencastle PA Woman Found

Thank God that she was found safe, but this is becoming an epidemic of what happens when people  need to talk to counselors  and don’t go do it! Are you checking on your family as there are signs? They say the happiest people that you know are the saddest inside and will never let on until one day they snap and disappear or hurt themselves or someone! Hope this inspires everyone to stop trying to be the strong one; stop trying to be the one that pleases everyone and takes on everything. You’re only human! Boundaries,  Limits And Delegation are important to your emotional and physical health. Respect And Enforce Them Even If Someone Gets Mad At You! If you read both the missing article and this one you will get from it that she was a happy person who would do anything for anyone then suddenly she disappears and she is found safe in Ohio which is where you can catch up via this link. http://m.heraldmailmedia.com/news/tri_state/pennsylvania/missing-greencastle-woman-found-safe-in-ohio/article_2fc147b4-6548-11e6-b4bb-afa795590f11.html


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