Days Of Our Lives Spoiler

I recently got back into watching Days of Our Lives, because a lot of the original characters ( that they didn’t kill off) came back, but…

The actresses that play Theresa and Abigail will both be leaving the show to pursue their own acting careers. Theresa’s storyline is still in the works but it is said that after she marries Brady they will most likely kill her off.

Abigail has been recast and will be played by Marci Miller in the fall of 2016.

You know anything can happen in the shows, but I for one am relieved to know that as of now Abigail will be found alive amidst the news her photo was found on another woman’s ID on a Miami flight that crashed!!

I’m not the only one who wishes that they would recast Theresa’s character as rebuttal to the rumor all the deaths mean the end of the Soap is near!

There’s also a rumor going around that Theresa’s mom and dad Kim and Shane Donavan will make an appearance on the show soon. Let’s hope so, because I really miss those two characters.

Okay, okay I had a severe crush on Charles Shaughnessy aka Shane Donovan and ended up following him through the series comedy The Nanny too, lol



Jen Lilley Leaving ‘Days of Our Lives’ After Three Years


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