I’m No Mother Theresa, BUT


People call me overly moral and uptight!  They hate I call them out using the truth!  The truth always hurts the most, because you have to face what you did within yourself!

I’m not perfect and I had my wild times,  but I fully own up!  The people who call me overly emotional are the ones who are extremely closed off and tell me emotions are worthless and everyone else is to blame for their unhappiness.. As a child yes others may be to blame,  but as adults we have to fix ourselves and create our own happiness! 💖 It’s up to us as adults to look out for and protect children, so they can get help and create happiness as well.

Hey I didn’t say it is easy or fast! I Still Struggle!

I’ve also been told my optimism is stupid and I live in a fantasy world!  To them I say FU. I’d rather see the good then be pissy negative arses like them! They are no longer in my life!

GOD made me this way to do my mission. I proved a violent kid wrong when he said no one can be faced with anger and violence then successfully defend themselves without beating the aggressor.  He later calmly told me he was wrong and was less violent himself!

We all have our history, crosses to bear and lessons to learn!

I’m no closer or no further away then any of you,  but I know myself..

I respect my weaknesses and honor my strengths..

What does that mean you say??

It means I know myself  and I know what I always said that I’ll do that I never do or finish!

I’m just being real about it! 

I’m not going to put any challenges ahead of myself that I know I’m not going to do!

That sounds lazy you say??

Come on what’s the point of taking a class that you know you’re not going to be able to complete or that you’re not emotionally physically and mentally prepared for?

Remember the old speech about boundaries and limits?

Who are you really trying to please by pushing past your boundaries and limits and then letting everyone down anyways?

So what do I do instead?

I take the time to figure out why I don’t follow through with some things and then accept if it’s never going to happen. I strengthen my resolve to find things that I am ready to follow through with right now!!

Self discovery is a great part of the human experience! It helps us to strengthen our weaknesses,  challenge ourselves while loving and respecting ourselves as we are.

Sanity is a fine line people.. We’re always walking the border! Sanity and insanity is said to be defined by the user! Just as some people’s junk is other people’s treasure; some people sanity is other people’s insanity!

I say as long as you’re not hurting yourself and your defined human experience does not invade anybody else’s life in a negative way or break a law then be who you want to be!

For in the end you’re going to be the grown-up who has to live that life!

But Always Remember
Don’t do anything for 24 hours and see if the feeling has passed. Then ask yourself if your mind and  heart agree? You need both your heart and your mind to agree. In some cases like love you need both your heart and mind and your potential Love’s heart and mind to all agree.

Okay I’ve rambled enough, LOL

Go be good, create good and live in goodness..

Disclaimer: Those thinking suicide call your local hotline,  911 or emergency number immediately! The information provided is meant for adults.  Children seek the permission and advice of both your parents and trusted counselors. I do not warrant or guarantee the information as everyone’s Human Experience is unique. Use common sense, seek trusted professional counsel and do what’s right for you.


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