ALERT! Inaccurate Crime Data


I was looking for available housing on sites like Trulia and Zillow when I noticed the crime data said 0 for every community then it said 4 even in places I know have high crimes!  I Googled crime rate on each place to find more inaccurate data. I was.. am appalled! This is not a game these are our lives you’re playing with!
I went directly to each local government site and found detailed up to the week reports there. Another website closest to accurate is search your city,  state and click crime tab. The left side has individual neighborhood crime data. The violent and property crimes compared to other places in country are factors in percentage.

Hagerstown MD (9% Safe/1,808 crimes 2016 of which 282 were violent)
Frederick MD (23% Safe/1,933 of which 319 were violent)
Germantown MD (48% Safe/1,515 crimes 2016)
Damascus MD (58% Safe/222 crimes 2016)
Potomac MD (82% Safe/ 359 crimes 2016)



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