Do Vacuum Storage Bags Work?


AnnaArtiga.Com: 3.5/5 Stars
USA User Generic Brand Rating: Not Rated Yet

Our Review:
The answer is Yes,  but with limitations! My house has one small closet upstairs with one shelf so I added the build a closet. I was still over populated with just the basics,  so I bought the large vacuum storage bags from the Dollar Tree. The 4 bags you see are the equivalent of 4 shelves of clothes and linens. Be careful not to overstuff and to close all seals properly or it will reinflate. I used the deflate side of an electric air mattress pump as battery operated would not be strong enough. I’m sure a vacuum would have been even better.  The large ones fit 2 sets of queen sheets or two thick queen blankets with ease. Comforters need the extra large ones which my Dollar Tree doesn’t sell.

Warning!  Keep away from cats and sharp objects! These are just cheap thinner ones,  so they have not been tested with bugs or water by AnnaArtiga.Com

Results: Reduces linen,  fabric and clothing type storage to almost half its normal size.

OK back to finish vacuum storing.  I’ll post another picture when it’s all done!

Disclaimer: AnnaArtiga.Com does not warrant or guarantee any of the products tested and rated by us as everyone’s situation is different.



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