Social Site For Age 30+ Epic Fails!


Which of the above were epic failures!   Read on to find out! went through a kind of hell week to find Social AKA meet sites worthy of the middle age plus.

Our goal was to find at least one social site where 30 + could go to find actual friendship with like-minded individuals of our age.

We wanted to answer the questions:

1. Do algorithms work?
2. Are there any spam, scam and pervert free social sites?
3. Would we find any real, quality people?
4. Can you really avoid all the crap if you pay for a membership over joining a free service?
5. Do the admin of those memberships who claim to personally approve memberships actually do it?

Please note we actually tested more then the above social AKA meeting sites and narrowed it down to those pictured above.

Overall we found that algorithms only go so far in helping you to find that needle in a haystack of a person you’re looking for. You still have a lot of sifting to do!

You have to be careful, because multiple social site AKA meeting apps had masked or different links that led to the same website!

Paying for membership does not necessarily get you a safer experience. We experienced scammers and unwanted advances on every social site we tested paid or free!

We did find a couple meeting sites that gave the user more control.

We can’t vouch for all,  but one of the sites that claimed the Admin would review my profile before it went public failed as my profile received an instant like after publishing it!

I give Tinder And Bumble 2.7/5 Stars,  because only those who anonymously like each other can contact.

Senior match And 40+ Senior Dating are 0 Stars for fake accounts,  fake matches, lying and tricking! SeniorMatch also has a buggy app,  faulty algorithms and the distance doesn’t work!

MeetMe: 0 Stars,  Not enough protections and  filters for free members! They are over run with scammers,  pervs and drugs. Lots of unwanted advances from 20-25 yr olds!

OkCupid: 0.5 Star. Admin removes pics and messages for scam prevention,  Useless Scam Filters And Blocks, They Are Over Run With Cheaters,  Scammers And  Pervs.

POF is 0 stars,  because their filters and preventions can easily be bypassed and they’re over run with drugs, pervs and scammers!

In conclusion: BEWARE as paid or free there are bad users and admin everywhere!  Don’t give or receive personal information, money or items from anyone online!  

Disclaimer: This is the opinion of There are no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied. 


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