Increase In Underage Posing As Adults


There’s been a significant increase in underage (11yrs and up) posing as adults on meeting sites, dating sites, social sites all over the internet.
The best way to prevent this is to not allow your children on the internet and to only have cell phones in which they can make calls parentally controlled and monitored by you.
Age appropriate Social sites should be linked to yours and free parental control settings should be used on every device to prevent them from accessing the internet when you’re not around!

Your posts,  contents,  pics and profiles should be friends Only making people request friendship. Before approval review their profile.  Don’t post adult topics,  especially if your kids are your Facebook friends! All public content is easily accessible via Google.

Anyone nowadays can go to Google and look up internet slang to learn all the abbreviations for sentences and words.

If you see a text or post of any kind with a series of letters or letters and numbers it is slang and should be considered as hidden messages. Look it up on Google and talk to your kids immediately.

Don’t mess around with this s@#$ as it’s very dangerous for your children!

There are free parental controls for every device now, so this danger can be prevented!
The excuse that I recently heard a father try to pull angered me!  He said, “I tried it when I was a kid and didn’t listen to my parents so I will just do it with my kids”  So he took his 13 yr old to see The Conjuring 2. Afterwards of course the kid who was already afraid of the dark was up all night scared to death! 

Yes as children we push the boundaries, because that is our job, but it is our parents job to tell us what is right, what is wrong and what we’re ready for and to guide us to know the difference.

I know I was a pain in my dad’s arse since 3 yrs old.  I’m glad he didn’t give in and guided me to guide myself as an adult.

I did the same for my kids as my dad did for me. Age rating is just a start.  There are some 17 yr Olds,  not ready for R movies!



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