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I agree, but you will always have psychopaths in every group in every country that will continue to breed and feed hate.

After listening to everyone maybe it’s more about figuring out in our own groups who are the Psychopaths.  The sad thing is these Psychopaths are usually people of power or come from a long line raised to believe the hateful lies.
Notice I said figuring out within your own group, because you’re not going to get anyone in the other group to realize that you’re working with them,  not against them..

If you are scared silently teach your children there is good and bad in everything,  what is the difference and how to handle it.

In comparison to the overall population the Haters causing all the terror are a small group of people. They just have access to film, audio and weapons to make themselves look larger then they are.

What would happen if the rest of us stood up and said, “NO!” What If we no longer allowed fear to reign?
Their’s a lot more good people then of bad.. It is said 85% of us believe their’s an eternal after life right? If you don’t believe,  but are a good person being dead is not the issue is it?  Are we more afraid of the pain of death?

Are we allowing fear to run our countries?

Its ok to be afraid and even angry,  but if they could stop you using fear/anger what would happen?

Yes in reality we would see death still,  but would their candle of hatred burn out?

If we do not feed the monster would they have any power?

Didn’t your mom teach you:
1. Don’t believe everything you see.
2. Don’t look into others life windows as its all an illusion.
3. Most people are good.
4. Use common sense.
5. Haters are really unhappy themselves who will end up alone.
6. Don’t react to negative emotions as its like poking the bear..
7. Believe half of what you see yourself in person and none of what you hear..
8. Their’s always more to the story.
9. The media puts way too much time and attention into hate! It’s good to be informed, but reporting on the unfounded claims and documentaries about them is what they want. It’s giving them a sense of power and recharges their hatred.
10. Share the love instead,  read the news article and be informed,  but dont spread,  repost aka share the hate.

As much as I hate to admit It my mom was right…

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