SCAM Detector–

I was trying to think of an easy way for people to detect scammers. There is no guarantee but basically I designed a Thermometer you start at 0% then follow up with your finger as you get more information. The scammers are getting good at grammar by studying Americans,  but they still have a few things that is habit to them that you’ll catch via several conversations with them.  Just bookmark,  pass on or print it out and use it every time you talk to someone new.  I have say for me it’s usually no more than a few conversations before they mess up. I’ve made this detector as aloof to them and as clear to you as possible,  because I sure as heck don’t want to teach them! This could help with increasing phone call scams too! Again No Guarantees,  but hope it helps!

FACT: Military,  Government Employees and Authority Figures Like Police Are NOT allowed to post their pics or status aka rank online,  so Don’t buy that scam either! Any and all related uniforms or clothing are forbidden online civilian sites or via exchange through text,  chat,  messengers no matter rank! It’s to protect them,  you and our country! No military phones or laps are to be used for personal use.  This one guy boasts his signature being sent from official Navy phone,  yeah right!



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