Smart Styles Hair Salon Rating


Smart Style Hair Salon located in our local Walmart here in Waynesboro Pennsylvania  has received two out of its three strikes from us.
Visit One
❌ Long Wait Time Due To Lack Of Staff. Terrible Eye Brow Wax Job.  Unwanted hair on eyebrows was still there and eyebrows were not shaped or trimmed.

Visit 2:
❌ There was one stylist on duty who predicted an hour wait, the other stylist was doing inventory and a third stylist would not be in till 12. This understaffing seems to be a theme almost like they’re allowing their stylist to make up their own hours! After an hour and 15 minutes I looked over and the Stylist was still in the middle of the process of highlighting the same clients hair,  so I walked out!
I’m new to the Waynesboro Pennsylvania area so I only know about Great Clips as the other salon, but they don’t do eyebrow waxing.

I’ve heard many of you tell me that you hate Hair Cuttery, but my experience with the one in Frederick Maryland on 7th Street and the one in Germantown Maryland have been great! I guess I’m traveling there from now on!
What do you think?

I’m disabled now,  check out and pass along my webstore.


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