A Vow Challenge For You In 2016

This picture is gorgeous. Even if you don’t believe in Jesus we all believe in the best for and of ourselves and loved ones, so take this message as that.
Remember Jesus Is Always With Us. Even when we are too angry to notice he tries to hold us.
Look Not Unto The World, But To Heaven.. is one variation and one of many verses I repeat when the world gets me down. I learned from experience when the world seems bad to me it is a distraction from something good coming. I’ve missed so many good things focusing on the bad.

I try hard to practice my learned experience, refocus myself and see the bad as what it is a sign that something good is coming. It’s hard. I struggle, but repeating verses really helps. I also learned my choices are a big part of bad things happening to me. The people you even choose to hang with can bring bad Karma with them, so choose wisely.

What you think,  focus on and live truly are the difference between an open door and one cemented shut…
Everyone is taking steps to improve their body, but let’s also take care of our soul. Say and commit to the vow below.. Pass this on to help others. Comment at annaartiga.com to let me know you did, so we can be there for one another. Again if you are not religious commit to the good for yourself still as you deserve it.

Say This With Me
In 2016 I will refocus from challenges with positive affirmation, visualization and relying more on God. I will get rid of those online and offline who bring bad Karma via their actions, words and who they hang out with.

I will love, live and create happiness and share them with deserving people who do the same in return.

I will give what I get.

I will open my heart so the light of heaven envelopes me.

In 2016 my life will be blessed with positive changes, because I commit to living this vow…





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