TV Series SuperStore Offends Viewers

AnnaArtiga.Com Rating: -20 Stars

USA Viewers Rating: 2.2 Stars

I watched first two episodes and it’s offensive, disgusting and NOT funny at all!

In one scene the store video captures what they think is a sex harassment scene, then play it back at an employee meeting exposing the alleged victim making him stand in front of everyone.  They’re employee magazine also chases down disabled employees trying to force them to be on the front cover. What the hell kind of message are they sending!?!

The show’s coming off as degrading, demeaning and Nasty! 

I hated the Jackass show, but I’d rather watch it then this show!

P.S. The sex harassment victim tried to tell them he consented, so it was Not harassment, but the female leader pulled him in close giving him unwanted way to close hugs anyways!

Nasty Stuff!!





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