Does Nuwave Oven Really Work?


Nuwave Pro Plus Rating:
USA User Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
AnnaArtiga.Com 3.0/5 Stars

We found the product to be more hype then results! It did not cook any frozen foods or meats faster then my 1984 Oven!

Space Saver: It replaces certain small appliances.

Less spices needed, because it infuses it like a slow cooker does.

Reheats food as fast as microwave

Cooks thoroughly while keeping in juices and expels some fats.

Grills Amazing

Whole Meal Cooker: Works great when carefully timed.

Easy Clean up: Mostly Dishwasher Safe.


Electric Cord Gets Stuck Inside Cooking Area, So Be Sure To check Before Closing Lid Each Time!!

Precooked thawed/frozen foods do not cook any faster then microwave.

Reheat is auto set to 4 minutes, so you have to watch and pause/stop it or it will burn your food!

Frozen/Thawed Foods cook about same time as Oven.

Easy clean up using aluminum foil means added expense and more fat left in food.

Whole Meals Are Not Set It/forget it! Example: You have to add vegetables near the end of the whole meal cooking time to prevent under/over cooking!

Quick Instructions: Set to internal temperature, so you need a meat thermometer!

Aluminum Foil/Baking Spray is a must for easier clean up, but required for foods that are larger, spicier or rise.

Pan Requirnement: Requires Oven Safe Baking Pans  (NOT microwave safe dishes)

Crucial parts (including lid holder) can be lost or thrown away easy, so be sure to read instructions and talk to your kids who do chores!

Dishwasher Safe: Only certain parts are dishwasher safe, so read instructions.

Plastic parts easy for pets and kids to open!

Oven Mitt Still Needed As It CAN get Hot!

Healthier Long Grain Rice: Will crisp, no matter what you do, so don’t use it!

We tested:
Chicken Drum Sticks: Roasted and Tomato basil.
Boneless Chicken Breasts: Roasted
Frozen Vegetables
Long Grain Rice=Epic fail
Tuna Omelette
Tomato Basil Tuna Corn Bread Muffins
Italian Sausage

We Reheated:
Jimmy Dean Ham And Egg Croissants
Fast Food (BK, McDonalds, Wendys)
Canned Soup (Spicy Corn, Ravioli)
Take Out Italian (Pizza, Subs)

In conclusion: Wait To Buy! Good idea, but needs major tweaks as it didn’t replace my Microwave and didn’t bake any faster then my 1984 Oven!


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