The Pope Is Right!


Amen and praise to the Pope for saying things the way that they have to be said. Of course it angers those who right this very minute are using the separation of church and state as both the reasons the Pope should not be speaking politically and why we shouldn’t have our religious freedoms due to the separation of church and state???? He is right in that we begin to feel secluded within ourselves, but  we should still share and live outwardly our freedom of religion. I’m not one to push,  but I’m not going to stop praying in public just because some people tell me no either! If they want religion and state to be separate then stop using one as an excuse to violate the rights of the other. Everything that started out as religious should be handed back to religion. Marriage, Divorce (etc) they don’t mind getting involved in because they make millions!


2 thoughts on “The Pope Is Right!

  1. loaper73 says:

    The founding fathers never intended separation of church and state to mean an elimination of church from state. It’s this twist of the issue that fuels our discontent. Pathetic we can’t see this.


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