Study Results: I replaced 12 Medicines With 6 Herbs Successfully!


I promised you the results of the herbs test I started around winter time. I was miserable in pain and having bad migraines. I had been diagnosed with 12 different serious illnesses! I got tired of adding medicines to handle side effects and then more to handle those side effects!

I tried 8 different herbs and only 6 natural things worked. Herbs can have side affects and clash with medicines, so I was careful to go over the medicines and herbs with both my doctor and vitamin shoppe specialist! The test also included testing products sold at my local grocery stores and retail chains. I learned if you can buy food or clothes there then the herbs did not work for me!

Disclaimer: Herbs and Medicines React Badly, so always talk to your doctor and work up a plan when trying new things. Never replace your old medicines without your doctors approval! You need to be sure you are NOT allergic to any of the ingredients either!

Herbs Results:

Lemon Balm: For heart palpitations and relaxation: NO did NOT work in any manner even Vitamin Shoppe Brand.

Relaxation Herbs: All failed except Saint Johns Wart from Vitamin Shoppe however it comes with a long list of side effects (including sex dysfunction) and worked only an hour.

Charcoal For Acid Reflux: Did not work

Digest Extra: Did NOT work

Herbs In The Picture Above Did Work: Consult your physician first as side affects do happen and can be dangerous!

Bordreaux’s Butt Cream: Meant for babys diaper rash has the highest level of Zinc on the market and smells minty and completely absorbs. Use this for skin reactions or red bumps all over the body. Mine goes away within a day!

Zinc Remedy Spray: Use under tongue to build immune system and limit cold time.

Adult Gummy Vitamins: Target Brand: I can feel it working immediately.

Vitamin D Gel Caps: Bone Health: A lot of people don’t realize they have bone pain. My doctor found a deficiency and one dose decreased pain immediately. NOTE: I am on a daily dose which my doctor prescribed with regular blood tests for deficiency.

Tumeric: 900 MG a day. Without these I could not walk during the winter. No pain medicines even severe pain management did not work. Two weeks of 900MG a day and I was declining rides and walking to stores! I take them during wet, humid days of the spring and summer. I also use them for swelling, eye migraines. FYI: I’ve had a 3 day migraine caused by pollen where my eyes were so swollen I thought I would die! The extreme migraine pills, allergy pills, eye drops and more did not work! I took 900MG of Vitamin Shoppe Tumeric and within 15 minutes began feeling better. Yes the bottle says 300MG, but I took 3 of those a day when they were out of Triple Strength.

Allergy Buster Nasal Spray: Has capsaicin in it! I use it only when I get stress headaches or migraines that wont go away! It immediately relieves pain and swelling in the eyes and head area, but I warn you it burns your nose for a couple seconds. If you get migraines like me you will just deal with it! A few seconds and a stress or allergy headache goes away.

Bonus: Omega 3 works for fatty liver, digestive and cognitive improvement. I take them when my check up says my liver is fatty. Within weeks it is fine. I give my 17 yr old Dog (170 Human Years) the doggy version and it has improved his body, brain communication, clarity and skin! Without them he has accidents and is more in dementia.

Please remember that Vitamin Shoppe costs about the same price, is pure and they use a process called standardization and quality assurance so you get the best where as if you buy it from any place that sells food or clothing you get weak stuff that doesn’t work! Yes some of my stuff in the picture is CVS and Target that works, but only those exact types and not as well as Vitamin Shoppe. As soon as I get back to the Vitamin Shoppe I plan to change over to their vitamins and zinc!

I am saving 150.00 a month, lots of side effects and after years I am back to walking around and living life!

Thank you,



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