Nasty Stomach Super Virus Going Around

If you are vomiting, have body pain and in the bathroom constantly you may have this new Nasty Stomach Super Virus! It gets worse without medical help and your whole body hurts, so see your doctor asap! Ricky and I both had it thinking it was food poisoning, but as the day went on I was in severe pain and even one drink of water wouldn’t stay down, so I ended up in Urgent Care at 11pm! Doc told us this is a very strong stomach virus, so watch for the signs and get to the doctor asap. Right Time Medical here is open Everyday from 7am-12am but were told they take their last patient at around 11pm, because they need time to exam, run tests and handle transactions.

I was given an under the tongue pill that helped me to get my stomach back in control then tested to see if it worked as some are having to go to the hospital. If I’d waited any longer I would be in the hospital! So don’t try to handle it yourself like I did as you’ll make it worse!

I’m on clear liquids, more tongue pills, electrolytes and then the Brat diet. I feel much better, but still sickly, in pain and run down. I can take a lot of pain, but this was like getting pneumonia after being crushed by a Truck!

It’s spreading rapidly through Elementary and Middle Schoolers which is who love to play with our puppies, so guess the kids are carriers.



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