Watch “Rebel and Cassie 2015” on YouTube


Cute Video Of Them Below.

Rebel 16yrs and Cassie 10yrs are still playful King and Queen Of The Mountain! Indoor pets taken care of live a lot longer these days, so don’t give them up!

Rebel at 16yrs of age just recently started having a health issue which healed itself in a week (unlike elderly people who take much longer) he had a vein in his head pop called a mini stroke and took Prednisone and was off balance for a week and is now fine. Vet told me it’s normal, probably won’t happen again and that his heart is very healthy for his age. Other then that he is losing his sight and an old injury has some arthritis in it, but at 160 dog years that is normal. Look at him he climbed a snow hill to play with his best friend.

Rebel and Cassie Today February 22, 2015:


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