Dr Phil Interviews Nigerian Ambassador About Scams

The Nigerian Ambassador said Nigeria will not release money aka fortunes no matter the situation even if the Nigerian lives or died in another Country. They do not have underground jails and someone saying they are being held hostage is a Huge sign it’s a scam. None of their people are stuck anywhere and the scam about the Americans trapped at the Embassy being forced to pay fees for any reason is a SCAM! Nigerians Long Distance Dating? Scam! Overseas business or travel excuses? SCAM! It’s all a scam! Nobody is stuck there or any where in the Middle East and there are no fees to pay! Oh and the bank and money order, Western Union type requests due to bank error or refusal for any reason? Scam! All countries have currency conversion banks and all real money orders can be cashed! Any transfers of money asking you to buy or send things is also a scam! Most scammers will take up to a year to get your trust, so don’t buy into the time trick either! Don’t exchange pictures and use sites where your pic can’t easily be right click aka saved. Their getting sim cards with our cell numbers, so trusting via call is out too!

Just like America says, “If they ask you to pay or give them money, RUN!


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