Now Your Job May Be Down To Clicking Like

Potential employers are now checking out what you’ve clicked like on facebook and social sites to gauge who you really are. I think that they will keep finding new ways to check you out for free, but how much is too far?

They claim they can tell what kind of person you are based on what you like. An example they gave was if you clicked like for Boxing you are more organized. OK I know Boxing Lovers and most of them are loud and messy. I know Bon Jovi likes who also love Beethoven, but what employers see is what they “assume” you are like??

On one hand I understand, but on another hand they seem to keep devising new ways to spy including using social site brokers who get your information only set to friends.

It’s best not to put identifying pics or information on social sites and set all setting to private not allowing any strangers or work friends on your list. Don’t give your social and public email address. Use an entirely new email address only for employers.

Most of all Don’t like or share anything to even friends that your employers might consider questionable of character.

My concern lies not in them finding the truth, but taking things a bit too far. Like when employers refused to hire people who were laid off due to company downsizing who had been out of work for three years when the economy was bad??? Perfectly qualified hard working people weren’t given a chance due to poor economy, no jobs out there and company downsizing?? Those employers created an even worse economy! If you want discrimination that’s one we all felt! Luckily employment specialists caught them and showed people how to get around it!

Hey this is America we have freedom of speech, religion and opportunities! No good person should be kept down for having an opinion!

We must RISE up and say NO more Legally Of Course! A wrong for a right doesn’t make it right!

For now protect yourself and post/like/join carefully.

Remember: He tucked his hair up under his hat and went in to ask him whyyy. He said son you look like a fine upstanding young man…. (Forwards Cassette) He took off his hat said imagine that me working for you..


What do you think?


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