Dog Therapy Leggings


If your dog is like mine elderly or has hip or back leg pain keeping their joints warm makes a huge difference. Much like us Veterinarian approved gentle non medicinal compression wraps or socks work even better.

Consult Veterinarian First!!!!!

Here is what I did to keep the socks up.

1. Cut very end out of inexpensive long socks sized to your dog. They have to fit up to hips.

Rebel’s sock size was 9-11 up to 10-13 long sock from Dollar Tree, but you may need smaller or larger socks and sheet straps.

2. Carefully; One at a time, scrunch socks and lift paws off floor a little, then pull socks on your dog up to his hip. You may have your dog lay down if it causes too much pain to lift paw.

3. Attach a sheet strap on top outside of left sock, pull over back and attach to outside top of right sock. You may need to add straps together for larger dogs.

4. Optional: Hook two sheet straps together and around back of harness to help keep socks up.

Warning: Make sure all is safely snug, NOT tight and do NOT hook to neck or collar as it Will choke your dog! Check socks and straps frequently to insure they are clean, dry and safe. Don’t use them on or around pets that chew or are allergic to the materials in them!

We also do (2) 10 minute sessions of heating pad on low setting each day and Veterinarian prescribed Glucosamine/Chondroitin. We use Veterinarian prescribed Tramadol as a last resort.
Warning! Keep heating pad on low, so you don’t burn your dog!

Disclaimer: Talk to your dogs Veterinarian for approval first!


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