I Shook As My New Neighbors Did This!


We first noticed the new neighbors the day it snowed as their music was loud. Loud music every day since we were about to talk to them about it when…

It was 10:58pm Thursday night when I heard screaming and hitting from downstairs!

Adult: (Yelling and Swap, Swap With Every Word) I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough of your attitude! Is this how you act at school!?! You will not disrespect me this way!
In between the child is crying scared cries,
Kid: No, no..  Cry cry
Adult: Get over here, swap, swap, swap
Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!!! Yelling, “Get the belt!”

Swap, you, swap,….. Repeat of above..

Slams door at around 11:01pm comes back around 10 minutes later. Bangs open door demanding to hear the message got through Adult screams, Are we clear? Do I make myself Clear!!
Door slams..

I’m frozen this brings me back to my mother abusing me. How can you tell your kid not to cry when you’ve just beat them like that? A spanking is one thing and happens rarely, but that was physical and mental abuse!

I called Child Services, but because I only knew their address she told me it probably won’t be investigated?? Really after one set of Toddlers is presumed dead and another set of toddlers mother just murdered them here?? So a mother is snapping and nothing will be done, because I don’t know their names? OMG all I wanted was for the kid to be checked on and them to get some help???? No wonder people are snapping left and right if this is how those supposed to help react?? What happened to protecting the children?

I know the landlord and we called him. Turns out there is only supposed to be a mom and grown daughter living there, no children were ever mentioned, so maybe the landlord will handle it.

We own our Condo, but I’m not living above that. We already talked about selling to an investor.

Please pray for this family as they need help.

If you know of someone who has authority and will check on them let me know.

And before you ask, Yes I raised kids and understand how hard it is. In fact I had a violent 6’2, 300lb step son who tried hit me all the time! I only legally restrained him when was trying to choke his brother or father to death, so if I can handle that parents can sure control themselves and seek help for troubled kids without beating them!

Some how I don’t think this child was the issue here though?


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