Are you really getting the best prices at Aldi?


USA User Rating: 3.5

Germantown MD Aldi Gets a -0 rating from us, because just as the picture taken from our salty, dirty car window we felt dirty and used shopping with them today!

While its true that people rave about getting a gallon of milk for 1.99 as opposed to 2.50-4.50 Aldi does NOT have the best prices grocery wise!

The major user complaint however is not their prices, but more so their quality of meat! Users complain that their meat tastes old, is fatty and often makes them sick!

Today I went to my local Aldi shocked to find prices are up and portion sizes of certain items are down even though Gas prices are over 1.00 per gallon lower!

What really got me is that there were tons of shoppers acting like it was Black Friday! They didn’t seem to notice the portion sizes of frozen fruit are half the size of the Target and Walmart for the same price. They had no idea Dannon Greek Yogurt is cheaper at Target. They seemed oblivious to the fact that some of the light and fit stuff is not as nutritious as other stores.

The customer associates acted like they didn’t want to be there. All three were forced friendly and acted like we were bothering them!

The only good thing at the register was the nice thick handle bags for customers, but I had to ask for it!

Please read labels and shop around! Don’t buy into hyped advertising as stores get you blindly shopping and sneak price hikes on you very often! Check every 3 months minimum via online and sales flyers in your mail, because it usually means a difference of 20.00 savings per shopping trip!

And the nutrition labels? People often wonder how they get diabetes and heart conditions eating light and fit brands? It’s because some light brands use poor and dangerous ingredients. They may have less sugar, but still real sugar. I’ve seen brands have 1 less gram of sugar then their regular and be allowed to call it “light, less sugar” and some mix real with substitute sugars! This goes for lean meats and other things designed to be better for you!

Don’t pay more for less!

Be in the know! Pass this on please…



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