12 Android Apps I Love!

This list is the 2015 List Of Android Apps I love! Some crossover to other devices and most are free, so check your app store for your device! A few are improved ones from last year, so I had to give them a thumbs up 🙂

WARNING: People are downloading apps from 3rd party app sites and getting viruses and malware on their phone which steals identity and more! Stick to your devices brand name app that came factory installed on your phone! People who enter app stores via regular computers are being hacked, so enter via the one from your device’s maker already on your phone. Apple has itunes and Android uses Play Store. Please be careful!

All the ones below were downloaded from Googles Play Store on my phone. As with all each to his own perception, no warranties or guarantees are given!

1. Unified Remote By Unified Intents: Accurate control of my computer keyboard, mouse, power on/off and media player via wifi or blue tooth.
2. WifiAudio By Ajeet Vijayvergiya Plays media player and sound from your computer via wifi very accurately! The only one I downloaded that worked right!
3. Digital TV Antennas By Nicholas Lichtmaier: Easy Finder For DTV Signals For DTV Antennas. Open it, add location and it points with arrows where to face DTV antenna. Note: There are multiple channel numbers of some networks and sometimes the farther one away works better!
4. Bible By Life Church.TV: Audio and Verbal Easy Chapter Finder With Devotionals and Online Groups To Study With! I use it (no audio) in church as my eyes are bad and my fingers fumble rarely getting to the chapter quick enough! I let my Pastor know, so he doesn’t think I am playing games, lol
5. Google Keyboard By Google Inc: The one on my ZTE was messed up, so I use this one instead.
6. WordPress by Automaticc Inc: Used to read blogs and write my own.
7. Waze by Waze: Voice Turn By Turn Navigation where real people notify you with one click hazards or stalls for whatever reason. It has gas prices, but people don’t update those, so they are inaccurate. It does re-route you if there is a slow down.
8. Watch Live TV Online By Jeff Digitals: A nice app of online free and subscribed movies and tv to watch. A lot of classics like Abbot and Costello, Lucy and more!
9. Send It Later By Pham Hung Son: Accurate easy to view, edit and use scheduled messages with an auto feature!
10. Say Cheese Camera By xmlauthor: Accurate voice activated camera app.
11. Doctor On Demand: For the price of a co-pay with no deductible I was able to get video and audio help on my front facing phone (needs 3g or 4g) to get a diagnosis of my torn bicep and what to do which worked!
12. Evernote: Still the best reminder note and memo taker with customizations that syncs to other devices and computers. I can write PU Milk and my husband automatically gets it on his! You can chat on it now too!

Bonus: Jumi Cam Lite: I had this in the past to monitor kids over web cam, but I used it this year when my cat got a deadly UTI Blockage and needed full time monitoring. I had been up every couple hours for a week, before I remembered this app!

Bonus 2: Lookout Antivirus and Anti-Malware With Wipe, Search and Scream Technology! You can go to a website and make your phone scream even if it is on silent, so you can find it or wipe it if it is stolen. It will even show you where your phone is and take a picture of people who try to unlock it too many times! Prevented me from downloading cell phone malware by accident and it found my phone when I lost it twice! He is fine now Praise Jesus!
Bonus 3: Poynt by Poynt Inc: Keeps auto updated with the latest Gas prices straight from the gas price sites. Very accurate!

Super Bonus: Postings (Craigslist APP) by Trixiesoft Inc: A light app for craigslist searches and replying to ads! If you have ever downloaded the regular craigslist app it is super heavy and lags. This one is super fast, however you can’t post ads with it!

Extra Super Bonus: Puffin Browser plays sites Adobe Flash on the mobile (Most Of The Time)

It’s very hard to put just 12 apps on this list. Some are older and I have mentioned them before, but some apps are just too cool to not mention again!

Have Fun 🙂



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