Do Herbs Really Work?


Years ago I used Herbs, then something happened and I stopped. What happened? I have no idea!

My health was good, then life happened and I started using man made medicines. My health declined and as the man made meds caused brain fog side affects kicked in, so I was put on even more medicines.

I woke up one day to realize I was taking 12 Prescriptions and had been diagnosed with about 15 different illnesses!!

My goal was to reduce the amount of medicines I took, but every time I tried the prescriptions and side affects would multiply!

After struggling for 4 years in severe pain and constant added diagnosis I decided to go to the only Vitamin experts that helped before.  The Vitamin Shoppe listened to me, checked for side affects, made sure I had doctors approval and recommended Herbs.

Thanks to them and Triple Strength Tumeric I have not only had pain relief, but 3 days of the 3 weeks I’ve been taking it I felt no pain at all!

Then…We had to start paying for our own health insurance with a 1300.00 deductible before we even get a copay! The new prescription plan rejected most of and made the rest of my meds unaffordable!

The result was cheap meds that caused me to have heart palpitations! My heart has been checked and no damage or physical reason for the palpitations, but the condition is permanent!

I got approved from my Cardiologist to take Lemon Balm. Again, I have a strong heart in every way with no medical reason for palpitations other then the cheap meds that caused it, so… herbs to the rescue!

Sunny Mood supports mood, but also has Lemon Balm believed to help calm nerves and relieve heart palpitations with no known cause.

Side Note: All those chemical med side affects and pain had me on anxiety meds too, so the mood enhancer is an added blessing!

Results: Those 2 bottles of herbs have replaced 4 chemical medicines and I’m starting to live again!

Bonus: I take the herbs twice a day, not like grocery store herbs that don’t work after you’re directed to take them up to 6x’s a day!

Avoid buying from any where that sells food as those products are not pure or strong enough to work! Only buy from stores dedicated to vitamins and herbs like The Vitamin Shoppe.

I’m not a fan of GNC, because they are pushy sales wise, their products were expensive and did not help. My Vet doesn’t like their pet products either!

Last, but not least;
I am working with my doctors and The Vitamin Shoppe Experts to slowly replace the other 8 medicines!

I won’t post the herbs here until they work consistently without fail.

Bonus: I’m saving about 150.00 a month on prescriptions so far and I’ve lost and kept off 10lbs!

Bonus 2: I’ve had other health benefits from these two herbal supplements, that I will tell you about when posting results for more herbs I’m trying.

IMPORTANT! Check with your doctor first as there are herbs that cause side affects and/or reactions! Your doctor knows what herbs would react bad with medicines as well as what herbs you will have a deadly reaction to based on your medical history!

Thanks for listening 🙂

Have a great day 🙂


Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, so no guarantees or warranties are given. Consult your doctor first as herbs can be deadly when used wrong!


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