Celebrity Buzz: Whoopi, Rosie in shouting match over racism on ‘The View’ | WJLA.com

I agree with both of them! Racism exists, but people do scream racism at just about everything. Racism is still an issue for African Americans, but hate has expanded to all cultures by ignorant people! Jewish, Poor People, Heavy and Skinny, African Americans, Gay, ALL people who are persecuted. I have heard so many racist comments about all races. Racism in my definition is hate of a group of people in which someone says derogatory, mean, abusive, stereotypes about and/or physically harms one. What you will learn is most of the time a hater outwardly chooses one group of people, but treats his own badly too!

I think we need to stop singling ourselves out and group together to stop all hate. If we as a society stand tall and say NO then we can at least run these haters underground! It will also create confidence, togetherness and self esteem.



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