Pet Luv; Worst Pet Carrier Ever!


Buzz Bee Rating: 1 of 5 Bees
USA User Rating: None Found

Big Lots is selling the Pet Luv Small Pet Carrier which is cheaply made with no pet weight limit on it! The plastic wheels and base are so thin that it flexes and cracks! In fact it was cracked on the shelf! Avoid buying this cheap carrier as it will break and even your 3lb pet will escape! I only give it one star, because the idea of a wheeled and backpack type carrier is excellent.

Lastly it’s 10.00 more than Boots and Barkley by Target wheeled carrier which handles 16lbs well and is made with better materials. Only issue with Boots N Barkley is it topples easily when pet or car moves. Prevent toppling by snuggly seat belting it through top handle in car and when in buildings lean one end on wall and your leg or hand pressed gently against opposite side.


7 thoughts on “Pet Luv; Worst Pet Carrier Ever!

  1. audrey applegate says:

    Sorry I disagree, I purchased mine at Big Lots as well. I travel back and forth to Florida using this for my 6 pound dog. He was very comfortable in that he could stand up as well as lay down. I had no problem with the wheels or for that matter anything else. I found the screening to be very secure and have no problem using it for future trips. I even used the back pack option and it worked beautifully. I give this a high rating, it covered all my needs and I was not worried about my animal being in harms way at any time.


    • annaartiga says:

      Good To Know. Maybe a shipment or handling issue then. I can only rate what I
      physically see and experience balanced with USA user ratings which there were none. I do reevaluate products twice a year, so here’s hoping the next shipment will yield better results.


  2. Maureen says:

    I’m married to a Delta Captain. I got this carrier over a year ago from Big Lots and we have TRAVELED. My 10 pound terrier loves it and hides in it in the house as well. The front legs just now came off, but it’s still usable. I have found it to be super functional and have experienced no problems . It works well as a car seat.


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