MD Health Connection/Exchange-Horrible!


We needed to purchase insurance and obviously can’t afford to pay regular prices, so we were referred to MD Health Connection aka Exchange.

Site was so difficult to use the associate referred us to their competitors website! At the time we didn’t know it was not their website, so thus the confusion began!

We spent hours on phone and website confirming.. We were told 104.00 a month with no deductible, but never received papers from signing up so a month later called. She then told us we were late for payment, the payment was 204.00/1500.00 Deductable not 104.00/no deductable as told and that they sent us to competitors easier to understand website so those plans and prices were not accurate??

We were told to pay immediately or be terminated. Ricky was telling them we didn’t know the payment date as no paperwork and how the price rose, but they didn’t care! We were told we would have to keep plan for first payment cycle then change in two weeks?? I was already out of important meds, plus they claimed we had an obligation to them so we paid. We got paperwork in mail and it’s the wrong plan, but since it would take another month without my meds and headache of dealing with them we just kept it! We are angry they didn’t get anything correct from the beginning and we feel trapped into this plan!
Just found out my important pain med is now 200.00 with them so I can’t afford it! The Copays are 40.00 and up with us paying 30% Urgent Care Cost!

Did I mention we were sent a 562.00 for the month instead of 204.00?? I have to cancel an important appointment until it’s resolved!!

According to news websites there is no rating system to keep them in check, so spread the word for me OK?

BAN THEM! They are in it for the money I think and they are scamming us!

Don’t use MD Health Connection aka MD Health Exchange!


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