Update: Toby’s Surgery


Wow your prayers work fast! Right after I sent the prayer request out I got a call from the doctor! Toby’s out of surgery and just waking up and did well during the surgery. Like he said the fluid that they took before is consistent with what they found in the tumor and they’re sending it out just to double check but it looks like it’s just the tumor that is benign and should not come back. Since Toby refuses to take pills they are giving his first pain pill and then he shouldn’t need any more after that but if he does he’ll be given liquid pain pills. I just have to administer the liquid antibiotics and make sure he doesn’t lick the incision. He generally doesn’t lick boo-boos it’s like he understands that it can make it worse, so unless this really bothers him I don’t think he’ll be licking it. If he does he’ll just have to be a cone head for awhile, lol

Thank you all. Hugs n God Bless You 🙂


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