Toby’s Surgery Today-Prayers Needed


Toby is having the tumor removed from his foot today. They are sending it out to make double sure that it’s not cancerous even though the fluid came back as benign. Please pray for him.

Toby story: I was adopting his brother Middy 8 yrs ago and I got a call from the pound that said he had a brother named Toby and if I didn’t get there by 6 p.m. Thursday (next day) they would be putting them both down. I called back and told them I was adopting them both, but I had to work I would be there. I got there at 4 p.m. Thursday and adopted them both. The ladies there cried tears of joy telling me they had been hiding Middy and Toby for awhile because they were so sweet and had a feeling they would be adopted.

Twenty Four hours later Toby almost died again from being deathly allergic to the rabies shot which ate through his leg. His leg is fine thank goodness.

We fast-forward eight years later and he has a tumor on his foot in which the fluids came back as benign, but it needed to be taken care of because it could change. The only appointment open for the surgery was Thursday, (today), so he was adopted on a Thursday and he’s having surgery 8 years later on a Thursday.

Middy ended up running away 2 years ago because of a really bad relationship that I was in. He got really close to my ex husband and my ex husband dumped him when he got a new girlfriend, so Middy’s heart was broken and I feel terrible that I couldn’t fix it. One morning at 2 a.m. He kept begging to go outside in Virginia and I couldn’t find him. A couple of months later I got a call and I went up there to get him; caught him, but he got away before I left that day. I’m told that a lady has adopted him and he gets to run in and out and he’s very happy. My heart is broken, but that’s what he wants, so as long as he’s happy and healthy I guess I have to accept that.

Toby however has always been the stable older brother type who is a very supportive cat, accepting of everything and very close to me and his brothers and sisters. I was devastated to learn that this was a tumor on his foot, because this cat deserves the best of everything and to never have one ounce of a sniffle. I love him so much and all my pets and of course Middy is still in my heart forever. If you will pray that Toby’s tumor is benign, the surgery goes well and he heals quickly with no pain I would appreciate that. Please pray Middy is protected and happy forever too.
May you all be blessed with whatever your heart desires.

Thank you,


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