ReVamp Your LeftOvers!-A MUST Read!


It’s very simple nowadays for people to eat good without all the hassle! You buy a 49.99 Aroma Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer at Walmart that Sautes, Slow Cooks, Steams, Cooks Rice And Bakes Cakes! You can supposedly do Pasta too, but it’s not healthy for us, so only in a craving I will let you know.. I posted a picture at the bottom of it for easy reference. 🙂

You add a cup of water per cup of rice, put the Steamer on top, add whatever veggies you want to steam (read directions for cooking meats), click the appropriate rice button, stir rice occasionally and add water if needed. In 30 minutes or less it’s done and you have around 4 meals per 2 cups of rice and a full steamer top.


What about the next day when your kids and husband complain about the leftovers?

Fact: The average household of 4 said just 300.00 a month more help them be ok financially, yet that same household throws away 120.00-433.00 a month in food! I’m going to show you how to get that money back!

Fact 2: The average family does not have time to cook daily, so they make multiple meals and depend on left overs to eat for the week! The average family hates left overs, so most of it gets wasted, but I have the solution! REVAMP YOUR LEFTOVERS IN ONE MINUTE!

No need for fancy (expensive) cans of food enhancers or meal starters! Just Use…


A Can Of Your Favorite Soup!

This works for most special diets, because they make soup for low sodium, low carb, low everything now, but ask your doctor first! A second time for those Stubborn like me, “As always consult your physician first before starting anything new!”

Open the can, mix it into the rice/steam veggies mixture and microwave until warm to taste! If it is condensed then you should add water, but either way I spoon it in until satisfied with consistency only using half can of soup per 1.5 quart microwave bowl full of food.

TIP: Everyone can use their favorite soup if you do them all separately in portion sized microwave bowls… Just store the leftover soup in the fridge and make it tomorrow’s meal!

We called it REVAMPING The Leftovers and my husband loves it! No more wasting 80.00 a month on foods he won’t eat a second time!

The below picture is the Aroma, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer! Did I mention it Sautes and Bakes Cakes Too? I just LOVE TECHNOLOGY, especially when it makes my life easier!

Note: Make sure you watch it (stirring occasionally), because I noticed it not only cooks foods quicker then the directions, but the rice runs out of water quick too! To prevent rice sticking I spray unflavored cooking or baking spray inside the bottom of the pan before adding rice and water.

Someone asked me what I made so far in the Aroma Steam, Slow Cook, Rice Machine.

Steam Cook 1: Long Grain Brown Rice (Rinsed), 1 Farm Whole Sweet Potato cubed, Snap Peas and Baby Carrots (No Canned Veggies). I added a squirt of Lemon After Cooking.

Steam Cook2: Quick Brown Rice, 1 Farm Whole Sweet Potato (Sliced in Half), Baby Carrots With A Can Of Drained/Rinsed Black Beans On Top (So they didn’t fall through the steamer holes), Added 3 ounces Crock Pot (Fully Cooked Chicken) to the mixture after.

Next: Quick Brown Rice, California Blend Cauliflower, Broccoli Mix Steamed With Tilapia And A Tablespoon Of Lemon On Top.

This weekend I am going to try and saute ground turkey to make sloppy joes!



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