Holiday Pet Safety Myth Busted & New Dangers Revealed!


Ok, we can’t resist using the Cassie ” Stern Librarian” picture again as we see it fitting for this chat and besides.. It’s cute, lol

While every parent should be diligent to teach their pets and kids not to eat things that aren’t food there is a HUGE myth out there and we want to BUST it for ya!

ASPCA says that while Poinsettia’s will give your pet Gastrointestinal Distress it will NOT kill your pet (unless of course your pet is allergic), so where did this weird myth come from?

It is said that a 2 yr old of a US Army Officer Allegedly died after ingesting a Poinsettia leaf back in the early 20th century and the rumor got started there!

The holidays do bring dangers to your pets like the obvious tinsel and lights, but also the not so obvious plants and bouquets of Mistletoe, Lilies and more! Please remember pet proof your holiday things and check those incoming bouquet/plants for mixtures of dangerous plants and flowers! Keep all plants up from pets and children to protect them! See the link for things you may not realize coming into your home that can be dangerous to your pets!

The link below is to a flower company website I found here in the USA who has spent  a lot of time posting plants/flowers dangerous to dogs. They have not only categorized them by danger, but you can click on each to see pictures of the plants! I recommend we all take a look at the plants and remember them to protect our pets!

You won’t believe what is on the ASPCA’s Top Dangers List For Pets!

ASPCA’s List Of Plants Toxic To Pets!


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