12 Products That Changed My Life In 2014!

1. Le Bistro Automatic Portion Control Pet Feeder (For Odd Sized Cat Food Or Multiple Cat Households get the 10lb Feeder Made For Dogs)
2. Top Paws Automatic Dog Water Fountain (Cats love it too as long as there is slow water fall with no splashing! Transition took about a week for all my cats. Timid cats may take about a month or not at all, so keep the regular water bowl filled also)
3. Bare Minerals Powder Foundation (prevents and heals my skin as it covers)
4. Boots And Barley Pet Carrier On Wheels
5. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and Distilled Vinegar for Cleaning (See article for instructions)
6. Primer That You Tint Free For Painting Your Walls
7. Laminate Wood Floors
8. Eye Brow Waxing At JC Penney For 12.00 (Better then doing it yourself)
9. 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress
10. Sobakawa Cloud Pillow
11. Bread, Dough and Treat Making Machine
12. Crockpot

Bonus: Surprisingly my ZTE ZMax which is a little buggy, but has passed my pressured high use tests. I still don’t like that you cannot change the battery, but I have insurance on the phone, so if it breaks I can get another one! Comparable to the Samsung Note, but a lot less expensive! Only recommended for those who don’t mind paying the breakage insurance on it due to the battery!

Super Bonus: Dannon Greek Yogurt Raspberry Chocolate and Atkins Shakes (only 1 gram Sugar) I have lost 6lbs and my stomach seems to be straightening out. I am NOT doing the Atkins Diet just using their shakes and the Yogurt twice a day and for snacks!

Super Excellent Bonus: Germantown Rec Center Indoor Pool And Exercise Membership for less then Planet Fitness A Month! I swim, then jacuzzi the pain away in their Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi!


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