Brands Really Owned By Purina!

Ralston, Nestle and Del Monte are all making Purina Brands. Some of the brands associated with them are not listed on the bags, but here is as full a list as I can get for 2014! Sadly Ralston, Nestle and Del Monte are all involved in the serious complaints on Consumer Affairs!

 Del Monte Purina Pet Food Brands

. Milk-Bone
• Kibbles ‘n Bits
• 9 Lives
• Meow Mix
• Pounce
• Pup-Peroni
• Snausages
• Nature’s Recipe
• Meaty Bone
• Gravy Train
• Canine Carry Outs
• Jerky Treats
• Natural Balance
• Purina (cat food)
o Fancy Feast
• Natural Balance (Cat and Dog food)

Nestle Purina Pet Food Brands
Well-known brands include:
• Alpo – dog food
• Arthurs – cat food. UK only
• Bakers Complete- dry dog food sold in the UK
• Beneful – dog food
• Bonio – dog biscuits sold in the UK
• Bonzo [6]
• Supercoat – dog food. Australia only (with kangaroo meat)
• Chef’s Blend – dry cat food
• Chuck Wagon
• Dog Chow – along with sister products Puppy Chow, Cat Chow and Kitten Chow
• Fancy Feast – cat food.
• Felix – cat food. Known in Sweden as Pussi and in Finland as Latz
• Friskies – cat food, but in Finland also used as a dog food brand. Known as Go-Cat in the UK and as Gati in South America
• Frosty Paws – dog ice cream
• Go-Cat- dry cat food
• Gourmet – cat food. Known as Fancy Feast in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Known as Mon Petit in Japan and Hong Kong
• Kit-n-Kaboodle – dry cat food
• Matzinger [6]
• Mighty Dog – dog food
• Noblesse [6]
• ONE – both dog and cat food
• Purina Pro Plan – both dog and cat food
• SnackAttack – dog treats. Known as Beggin’ Strips in the US and Canada
• Tender Vittles – cat food. Now only sold in Canada
• Topform [6]
• Waggin Train
• Winalot – canned dog food sold in the UK


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