2014 Pet Foods Causing Severe Illness or Death!

Listed below are the foods on Consumer Affairs website that consumers have reported in 2014 to have caused severe vomiting, diarrhea (bloody) or death! Most complaints were about illness from the food, not all were about death or severity, but a lot said “Violently Ill”

Did you know? Purina is Nestle Purina and Del Monte Purina both making Purina branded and non-branded foods that are not listed as makers on the bags! A list will be coming out next to help you avoid Purina products without the names listed!

Also learned: PetSmart Owns Simply Nourish Which Sources Ingredients From China (China produced poisonous jerky treats that were killing our pets) so I am adding them to the list for protection of our pets!

Nutro Natural Choice Over 1,700 complaints
Purina, Nestle, Del Monte, Ralston Over 859 Complaints
Blue Buffalo 828 Complaints
Pedigree 548 Complaints
P&G Iams 484 complaints
Canadai 481 Complaints
Hills Science Diet 261 Complaints
Natural Balance 248 Complaints
Royal Canine 201 Complaints
Kirkland Signature 77 Complaints

PetSmart Simply Nourish (China Based Ingredients)

Check your pet foods asap!



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